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My new year’s resolution was to blog weekly about the projects in the shop and the daily fun we have here at the trim shop. Last year was incredible. It seems we had a ton of T-buckets come through from all over. We built custom convertible tops with frames and custom interiors that were rolled and pleated in several different colors for the T-buckets. The last one we finished was one of the coolest we’ve built. The customer,Dewey, had ghost skeleton heads in the paint. We took his idea and used those images for windows. It sewed out beautiful. He picked a tan stayfast material to go with his burnt orange paint. He has one rocking T-bucket….It was also the year of the Porsche. We built another Speedster that has not failed to turn any head that saw it. Between Christmas and New Years we restored the interior of a good friend of mine’s 1963 356 Porsche. He chose a tan leather for the seats, panels and dash and a tan German weave carpet  for the floors. We replaced the headliner with the original Ivory vinyl. Cool projects to wrap up the year. The boat business has been remarkable also. More and more customers are holding on to their boats and replacing the worn interiors for a brand new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing the boat. The leather seat market is steady. Most customers are realizing that the “cheap leather kits” that are out there do not hold up to the quality leather kits we offer. They save a little money to start and then realize that the “cheap kit” is mostly vinyl. This week we are restoring a VW Convertible Bug. Blue paint with a blue convertible top. The seats are a bright white and the carpet is a grey loop. Old VW  Bugs bring back fun memories. We’ll post some more pictures soon. We are also building two custom bimini tops. One in a teal green and the other in black Recacril. Recacril is an Acrylic that has a lower stretch than Sunbrella and has been great on biminis and full covers. Our Professional Bass Fishermen are in Florida this spring for 2 Elite Tournaments and we plan to custom build several custom travel covers for them as they pass through. We’ve been blessed to keep so many as friends and long time customers. They are a great bunch of guys. Time to sew, staple and stitch. Thanks for the kind words…

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